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Brothers (I thought Lincoln would have been taller?)

Logan Oldenburg sent in this interesting composition with Lincoln with Obama¬† entitled “BROTHERS”. It is a well done piece – even if a little out of proportion, considering Abraham’s 6 foot 5 inch stature. More photos inside.

Picture 1430


Logan says that the painting is currently for sale. If anyone is interested, leave a comment and we will pass along his number.

Picture 1430

Picture 1450

3 Responses to “Brothers (I thought Lincoln would have been taller?)”

  1. Inez velasquez Says:

    In an interview I read Logan Oldenburg made Obama bigger in the original painting entitled “Brothers” is to accentuate the present and the future to be larger than the past. I mean look at Obama’s daily smile, did Lincoln once smile in his life ? Mentors can survive many generations. The artist’s interpretation I find quite unique. On one evening, I have seen this painting close up, at a show when it was not for sale but merely on display, excellent large scale “Pop Art”, that emotionally humored many viewers

  2. Basin taps Says:

    Good ideas, thanks for putting this on your blog.

  3. raquel summers Says:

    I love this painting ! The artist is handsome too !

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