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I have a dream (golliwogs)

Normally, we only post art that explicitly represents the likeness of Barack Obama. So, this one from Dickson Brown was almost deleted outright. That would have been a shame… Jump inside to learn why this image is so powerful.


From Dickson Brown:

Similar to Barack Obama’s key election messages, “I have a dream” is about the hope of change.

It’s not impossible that roughly fifty years ago the Kennedy children played with golliwogs in the Oval Office and this painting highlights the juxtaposition between past and present.

Fast forward to the Oval Office of 2009, and the social landscape has changed for the better. It seems to me that if it’s now possible for a black man to become president of the United States of America, there is real hope that other forms of discrimination, including discrimination against fathers, can be overcome too


3 Responses to “I have a dream (golliwogs)”

  1. owen Says:

    Yes the sweet English Golliwog,their a beautiful doll and racist?? get real,people who are offended,”Wakeup to ya Self”.The example’s from kennedys kid’s era in mint condition would be worth a fortune,because dolls such as these are taken seriously as there wonderful and highly collectable

  2. bula Says:

    So… if something is worth a lot of money, it can’t possibly be racist?

    That – and your spelling/grammar sucks.

  3. owen Says:

    That’s correct Bula,
    If something is worth alot of money,it can’t possibly be racist,because a something like a golliwog is not living,and its not a picture of a living thing,its a inanimate object,it offers no opinion,it has no voice.

    If youre into dishing grammar lessons out,use the word sucks in its correct context,grammar sucks,is vulgar slang and is simply poor english,which you have just demonstrated.

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