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Barack Obama, Words, Map and Clouds

Sandra Neva Schulze sent in this great painting that: “is 60×80 inches tall and it is telling the story of the election last year. You will find his acceptance speech in the background. Words ( taken from the New York Times) of what people in the US and across the world felt when they learned that Obama had won the election… ”



… A world map ( switched around to have the US across the presidents heart) – to show that the entire world was relieved. A family picture that he’s looking at – since he will be too busy to see them much in the next 4 years ( hopefully 8 ;) 44 for the 44th presidency, the inauguration date – right before a gray cloud – which is to symbolize george w on his way out :) , hope, peace… and of course ” Yes We Can”

I hope you like it, and wish you could see it in “person” – its much cooler when you see the gigantic thing in front of you .

Let me know if you are interested to feature this on your blog.

Thanks & Kind Regards,
Sandra Neva Schulze


DSCF2321.JPG (1 MB)

DSCF3469.JPG (1 MB)

2 Responses to “Barack Obama, Words, Map and Clouds”

  1. sandra Says:

    you can s the original painting this weekend “one of a kind show” in NYC. Pier 94 today until 7pm; sunday 10 to 5pm.
    stop by my booth, nevapaintings G24

  2. dawn Says:

    I’ve always loved this painting. Truly a masterpiece!

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