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Cover Art

The morning of November 5, 2008, Barack Obama’s faced graced the cover of almost every newspaper in the nation. He also made covers around the world. Here we have the front of the Maariv, published in Tel-Aviv, Israel. Thanks goes to reader Luis Menchu for pointing us to Newseum which has an archive of 730 front pages from 66 countries from Nov. 5th. Jump inside for some more example.

Historic Covers

Here are samples from: Staten Island, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Denver, Calcutta India, Shanghai China,  Johannesburg South Africa, and New York USA.  Click on each for a larger version.

Staten Island Advance,

published in Staten Island, USA:

Staten Island Advance, published in Staten Island, USA

The Press Democrat,

published in Santa Rosa, US

San Francisco Chronicle,

published in San Francisco, USA

Rocky Mountain News,

published in Denver, USA

The Telegraph,

published in Calcutta, India

Oriental Morning Post,

published in Shanghai, China

The Times,

published in Johannesburg, South Africa

Daily News,

published in New York, USA

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