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Keep sending us your art

The election may be over, but the art keeps coming in! Honestly – we had not planned on continuing the site past November 4th, but you have made your voice clear. As long as Barack Obama continues to inspire art and as long as the artists continue to send us their work – we will continue to post every day. So keep sending us your drawings, painting, graffiti, graphics, sculptures and photos.

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The Stats

Leading up to Nov. 4th we have managed to post 150 examples of Obama inspired art. However, there are also over 100 pieces still in the queue! So, if you sent something in – keep checking back. It may just take a while to get posted.


So this site has been completely volunteer based. Over the past few months we have donated countless hours of time and also a bit of cash. In order to offset the continuing costs of hosting this website, we have added some non-invasive google ads. They don’t bring in much, but every penny counts (just being honest). Feel free to be honest and write a comment if you hate the new ads. But, please offer another suggestion.

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Another way to help

If you want to directly show your support, you can now make a donation that will directly go twoard to cost of hosting this site. Simply visit DreamHost (our hosting service), or click on the image below. A simple $5 donation will help the site stay running for an entire month!

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

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Welcome to The Art of Obama - where the art is political and updated daily. Take a look around, leave some comments, or send us your art and photos.

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