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Several different readers have sent this one in over the past few weeks. This incredibly hot portrait was featured on the cover of the voters edition of the Willamette Week, a local alternative paper in Portland, OR. The original art is by Lukas Ketner and features a sweaty Barack wading through the water, being chased by a unicorn, with roses flying from his pelvis.

Form the WW article

Ironically, the image is attached to a less then glowing review of Barack Obama.

There’s not much daylight between Clinton and Obama on most issues, including Oregon-specific ones. (The Clinton campaign has made much of Obama’s vote in favor of the Bush administration’s 2005 Energy Policy Act, which Clinton says robbed local and state governments of their say in liquefied natural gas projects. Obama in turn touts the work he did to improve the bill, inserting provisions to promote green power and energy independence.)

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