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Hope – obey thy poster

If you haven’t yet seen the ‘Hope poster’ created by Shepard Fairey of OBEY – well you need to get out from under your rock. Not only were these plastered across the Internet… they were also plastered (guerrilla style) across most many major urban areas. More info behind the link.

NPR has some of the backstory:

“Los Angeles-based street artist Shepard Fairey is the man behind the design. Fairey first made a name for himself in the late ’80s with black and white stickers featuring wrestling legend Andre the Giant. Fairey is known for putting his stickers and posters in unlikely and often illegal places.”

And obey has images of the posters in work.

There are also many image on Flickr.

Update: 07/22

Shepard Fairey’s Obama work is becoming a hot commodity. Signed “Hope” prints are selling on ebay for $2,500. There is also a full set (Hope, Progress, Progress Small, Vote! and Change) listed at $12,500.

Auction Details – (Link may break when auction ends)

This auction is for a complete set of artist Shepard Fairey’s instantly iconic screenprint portraits of Barack Obama : PROGRESS, HOPE, CHANGE, PROGRESS(Small), and the VOTE! print that kicked off Fairey’s first direct, non-ironic foray into American politics.

Most of these prints were very hard to obtain; low print runs, strange release times, and server crashes made it next to impossible to get a complete set.

The widespread enthusiasm for Obama, the historic nature of his campaign, the sheer visual impact of the image Fairey created, and its slightly subversive nature as a funding source for a massive street poster campaign has already made the value of these prints apparent. If (hopefully it’s not “if”, but “when”) Obama is elected, all bets are off.

All of these prints are MINT (You can still smell the ink!), and will be wrapped in kraft paper, and double-tubed for shipping.

7 Responses to “Hope – obey thy poster”

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    […] They should. The art is a direct play off of Shepard Fairey’s  “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” OBEY stickers. However, something tells me that Fairly won’t mind… […]

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  3. Martha Says:

    Any way you can have more of those posters? I have been wanting one!

  4. admin Says:


    Unfortunatly, Fairey produced a limited number of these. You can still find them on ebay, but beware of reproductions and insane inflation!

  5. Pascal Says:

    There is one more that Fairey apparently added that is not in your list. Here is a photograph of it. It is located at on ramp to US 101 in Echo Park.

    At the time I snapped the photo, I was unaware that Fairey has a studio in Echo Park, and so I posted a question about what it said.

    While this poster can be looked at as purely a personal promotion for Fairey company, Obey, there is no denying that “Obey Obama” delivers “coincidentally” an authoritarian message.

  6. “Occupy Hope” Design, Version 2, Out From Shepard Fairey | Dylan Ratigan Says:

    […] image of the creepy-yet-cool Guy Fawkes “Anonymous” mask with his famous image of the Obama 2008 Hope poster, he explained his first version of the […]

  7. Says:

    Generally I can’t go through content with sites, nonetheless would like to claim that this specific write-up incredibly urged my family to undertake that! A person’s writing style have been impressed everyone. Cheers, really nice post.

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