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Fascism vs Socialism (is this the original?)

According to commenter Thelma, the poster featured yesterday may not have been the original. It seems that it was a modified version of this image that is being pasted up all over LA with the word Socialism instead of Fascism. Jump inside for more:

social-med.jpg (18 KB)

Full Poster

Found in this discussion on SodaHead. Click to view full size:

social.jpg (109 KB)


And here are some images of the posters around Los Angeles from Right Wing News:

obamajoker.jpg (169 KB)

And as Always:

Let us know if you know more about the poster, or the artist behind this work.

2 Responses to “Fascism vs Socialism (is this the original?)”

  1. Falker Says:

    Mystery solved:

  2. Bruce Says:

    I like this one, where he is a fascist, communist, puppet and illegal alien! Where does he find the time :)

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