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Obama With His Blackberry

“Santa Barbara-based artist and philanthropist Morris Bear Squire created a giant sculptural piece of Obama with his Blackberry, which is now on view at 111 State Street in Santa Barbara, CA”… OK, Morris – I see Obama, but where is this blackberry that you speak of? Update: Amy Dozier sent in some photos with the phone. Thanks!



An interview with the artist is available, as well as an installation video. Perhaps they wil explain the “blackberry” part of the sculpture…

IMG_0043.JPG (449 KB)


Hi there –

The pictures of the sculpture of Obama and His Blackberry in situ weren’t attached – here they are. Hope that solves the case of the missing Blackberry so that you and your readers aren’t too confused! :)

All the best,
Amy Dozier

Picture 11

Picture 16

2 Responses to “Obama With His Blackberry”

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