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Many Faces of a President (scribbling)

And now, an incredible set of ink work from Dee Overly : “I think this President has a great face, lots of fun to draw. In this series of portraits, I’m hoping to stop action on the many faces a President has that conveys his feelings and ideals.” Make sure to check out the wondrous detail of the images inside.

obama1.jpg (169 KB)

I say “stop action” because I stop the news clips to find some great shots. I’m not sure who to give the credits to. I mostly watch PBS and NBC. So, thank you tv channels and movie camera guys.

I’m scribbling my Obama portraits. I use archival ink pens and scribble away. It’s quite time consuming actually, so I’m keeping the drawings smaller. They are framed to show an image 8.5×7 inches.

This scribble method seems to be great for stress relief. And since we are living in some very stressful times it good to know the President is doing something for me on a personal level. :)

Thank you for allowing me to share.
Have a grand day!

obama1.jpg (169 KB)

Obama3.jpg (194 KB)

Obama2.jpg (177 KB)

2 Responses to “Many Faces of a President (scribbling)”

  1. jim Says:

    WOW – pardon my language, but that is f’ing incredible!

  2. D Jones Says:

    You are indeed a very good artist and it’s nice to know that you have found some inspiration, even though I believe you should turn off the simpering lickspittles on PBS and NBC a little more often. Maybe try drawing Obama giving the Evil Eye (or “Stink Eye” in Hawaiian parlance) to one of the reporters that is challenging his right to pre-plan and control a press conference. Or to a foreign government head that doesn’t want to go along with his plans for world control. Or draw him bowing in front of George Soros as he asks him what their next step is–after all, “Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.” Obama is just the Sith apprentice.

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