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Obama Spontaneous (Nice Big Painting)

Reader Tony sent us a link to Alaa Hegazi’s photostream. Alaa has some amazing work and we really dig his latest painting entitled: “Obama spontaneous”. Not much information is given, but the painting looks to be at least 4′ tall.

3606301973_1f10ca1afd_b.jpg (482 KB)

3606301973_1f10ca1afd_b.jpg (482 KB)

3607120924_8298910832_b.jpg (307 KB)

3607121344_dff1e38973_b.jpg (293 KB)

3 Responses to “Obama Spontaneous (Nice Big Painting)”

  1. Alaa Hegazi Says:

    Thanks a lote

  2. kheireddine afyouni Says:

    Hi Tony,
    I am one of Alaa’s fans, the painting dimensions are 120X150 cm. i don’t know how much is that in feet..
    as for the title he has chosen for this painting i think it is one hell of a name for a painting.

  3. Paris Says:

    I want the Obama painting with the red background

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