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Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama (Really, that’s it?)

Juana Olaga Barrios send in the following image which has me scratching my head a little… Well actually, it is not the image – we have seen similar compositions before that used numbers and the juxtaposition of black/white. In this case it is the title “Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama” that I don’t understand. Juana are you saying that this is all that Obama represents – two shades and a number?

Unfortunatly, Juana did not include any additional information to help us figure out the mystery.

I also wonder why the 44 on the left is not black higher contrast. Perhaps, the piece is not complete. Or, are we looking at two versions of the same piece???

4 Responses to “Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama (Really, that’s it?)”

  1. Rick Says:

    At the beginning of anything, are we nothing more than just a number, or black and white? With time we become more, even if that more looks like less. With the way consensus reality measures anything, it tends to view life Black and White, adolescent perspectives are black and white. He IS black and white, He is the 44th president, It is a master number, substance reflected upon itself in duality, it reduces to 8 the number of leadership and infinity. The black seems to stand out, more then the white, the darkness more than the light… Also seems somewhat yin and yang to me, thru the darkness we see clearly who we are. Two shades and a number represent so much more, when you look deeper… At least that’s how I see it at a glance, I am sure there is more here, it is provocative either way.

  2. Daisy Caulfield Says:

    It is Obama’s football jersey. He is a star player and a fighter. His numbers symbolize his importance on Team USA. In the manner of Ed Ruscha, this provacative artist is asking us to think about the power of symbols and to share her hero worship where it is well placed and well deserved. Long live Obama!!!!

  3. Juana Olga Barrios Says:

    He is our 44th President, serving the first of what I hope will be two four year terms. EIGHT is the Enneagram number for the LEADER. The diptych is complete at the moment and will change (the white 44 will be painted black) once he is in his second term of office. The Black + White is obvious on one level, and then on another it deals with our thought processes and how we need a leader who is capable of much more than black and white thinking and assumptions.

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks for writing in with more information. Good to know the piece is, in fact, a diptych that will be completed once during his second term of office.

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