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Keep sending us your art (and we will keep posting it!)

We got a quick nod an article featured in the New York Times: Obama’s Face (That’s Him?) Rules the Web. This has caused a flood of new submissions in the past 24 hours. That cool! For all the new people – we just wanted to take a moment to give a few tips for sending in art…


How To Submit:

  1. New submission can be created by using the brand new Send Us Your Art form.

Tips to Using the Form

What to submit:

We are interested in original graphics, graffiti and art that was inspired by Barack Obama.

  • Do send paintings, drawings, music, etc that you created.
  • Do send photos of posters and graffiti that you spot.
  • Do send links to original art that you like on the web.
  • DO NOT send links to a t-shirt you are selling with someone else’s work on it!
  • DO NOT spam us with the same submission multiple times (you will be blocked).

All submission of visual art should have at least 1 photo uploaded. Music and other art can instead be sent to

  • Images should be large enough to show detail. At least over 550 pixles wide.
  • Credit needs to be given if you did not take the photo.
  • Allowed formats include .png .jpg .gif

Stay updated:

Alright – enough of this. Let’s get back to the art!

One Response to “Keep sending us your art (and we will keep posting it!)”

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    […] readers have noted that the New York Times article has been reposted in other local papers. Here are versions from Ohio, from Israel, from Sweden. […]

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