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Archival Etched Glass (TM) – Dimensional Imagery (TM)

Daniel Parry must really love  trademarks (TM). Just read what he sent in: “Archival Etched Glass ™ Dimensional Imagery ™ by Artist Daniel Parry. Archival Etched Glass ™ Dimensional Imagery ™ original artwork by Artist Daniel Parry. This dramatic artistic Tribute to the President of the United States, ” Barack Obama ” features the innovative and original Archival Etched Glass ™ Dimensional Imagery ™…” Yeah that’s where I stopped reading too.

obama web 1000.jpg

Speaking of “dramatic”

I now want an Archival Etched Glass ™ Dimensional Imagery ™ painting of Daniel Parry:


Now, if anyone is still reading

Here is the rest of the message:

Meticulously etched (in full color) into two seperate layers of glass, this life-like portrait is complimented by the American flag seeming to fade into the backdrop of America’s most celebrated historical documents – The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, creating an incomparable 3-dimensional piece of art. This is the first in a Series entitled – “The Americana Collection”, featuring the Art of Daniel Parry presented through the exclusive – Archival Etched Glass ™ Dimensional Imagery ™.

“The Creation of a New Art-form” – Pioneered and created by Artist Daniel Parry, “ARCHIVAL ETCHED GLASS™” -“DIMENSIONAL IMAGERY™”
is an Innovative and Exclusive new Art-Form. This unprecedented multi-dimensional artistic medium is the culmination of Daniel Parry’s artistic career,
both in fine-art portraiture and product design innovation.
Industry leaders are calling this exclusive work of art – “INNOVATIVE!” and “UNPRECEDENTED!”
“The incomparable detail and clarity achieved, combined with an unprecedented ability to permanently etch/embed a multi dimensional color image into the glass, places “ARCHIVAL ETCHED GLASS™“- “DIMENSIONAL IMAGERY™“ by Artist Daniel Parry at the leading edge of the Industry”.

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