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Obama 44 – Which one of these is not like the other?

Mike Jacob writes in: “I first created this piece back in February 2008. I did a small run of 10 pieces. In December, I was asked to do a new edition of 44. I have a few left. Each piece is hand embossed from the back side, with the last dot being colored black. Size is approximately 10×24 inches. ” More images inside…




I am selling the few remaining from the edition of 44 for $150 per piece, plus $10 shipping. Please email me for an order and payment information. I was also invited to create a unique version, which I did, which was shown at Manifest Hope DC. It is larger, and float mounted in a handmade maple frame. The last photo shows that version at Manifest Hope. I went to Manifest Hope and it was an incredible experience. Thanks!

One Response to “Obama 44 – Which one of these is not like the other?”

  1. Nevaeh Says:

    At last some raaitnolity in our little debate.

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