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Barack Obama Daily Painting #59 by Gayle Etcheverry

Gayle is evidently on a missin to create a painting each and every day. An admirerable task. Now in the high 60’s, but #59 is the one that interests us: “This is my portrait of Barack Obama. I decided to paint it as one of my daily paintings. It took about 4 hours to create. It is an oil painting on 8″x10″ canvas.”


More fromĀ  Gayle:

Okay, last week I really wanted to paint this picture of Barack Obama in honor of the Inauguration. I was working on the SAG Awards show painting the set. So here he is.

If you look closely there are TONS of colors – light pink, hot pink, red, burgandy, purple, dark blue, light blue, green, lime green, yellow, orange just to name a few. The only places I used black are in the pupils and in the shading behind the collar of the jacket. Dark purples, blues, greens, reds and browns are in the coat. His shirt is pink, purple, blue and white.

This is an 8″x10″ canvas and is painted in oils. Of course this is VERY WET and will not be ready to ship for a few weeks.

I decided on a split background, putting the red on the left side and the blue on the right side. If you know me at all…. I just like to put things upside down on their heads. There is a great quote by George Bernard Shaw, “You see things as they are and ask ‘Why’, but I see things that never were and ask, ‘why not?'” – I guess that could explain who I am in a nutshell. Yeah I’m a nut, “Every great oak tree was once a nut that stood its ground!” ;)

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