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Your website is called what???

Emiliano Campobello had the cojones to send this in: “Hello The Art of Obama, I am attaching a copy of my painting ‘A New Day’ I was inspired to create last year after the election, in hopes that you will post it on your site, The Art of I am making reproductions of it available on my website…”

Emiliano continues:

“…to raise funds for charities, initially Sarah House, that provides hospice care for low-income/homeless in Santa Barbara, CA. Many people have been visibly touched and I look forward to sharing this image with the world. I feel that this is just the first of my pieces of our new President. I was interested in capturing the visionary, compassionate side of Mr. Obama in this painting, as a counterweight to all the art portraying his “activist” side. The light of the coming dawn is illuminating the dark clouds of the past…”

That is all well and good

… but, who would want a painting with a big (c) on it?

2 Responses to “Your website is called what???”

  1. dirtbomber Says:

    VERY cool idea!

  2. Emiliano Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my painting and info about fundraising for Sarah House!
    The original painting is without the copyright info & ©. I also sent in a clean version w/o it.. Hopefully that one will be found and can be posted.
    As for the name, perhaps great minds think alike, (excuse my cajones).

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