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Inspiration – illuminated by the beams of sunlight

From Trevor Chowning: “With an ancestral connection to President Lincoln, I have long felt a personal link to his inexhaustible passion for equality and humanity. With the election and inauguration of Barack Obama, I wanted to create a visual intertwining of America’s sometimes dark but glorious past to her shining, hopeful future. The hand of Lincoln isn’t so much guiding as it is assuring, illuminated by the beams of sunlight breaking through the dark skies as the storm clouds part.”


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“Both men continue to look towards the future, one that would be impossible without the contributions of these two great men. The original is done on wood with the grain showing as an homage to the rustic and humble beginnings of each. I think it’s a beautiful coincidence that our new President takes the oath of office the same year as Abraham Lincoln’s bicentennial birthday celebration. Prints available on eBay”

The detail:



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