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Ugly Betty and Obama Unicorn Affirmation

As promised, here is another from Dan Lacey: “A painting of Barack Obama and his unicorn Penelope offering Ugly Betty positive affirmations. This painting is 8 by 10 inches on sheet canvas.” Sold on ebay for only $25. *slaps forehead* How did I not bid!

No really – I want this!

4 Responses to “Ugly Betty and Obama Unicorn Affirmation”

  1. British Orthodontists Unhappy With Ugly Betty, Joke Writes Self | Guanabee Says:

    […] [Beautiful Image] […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    paintings of naked Obama and Unicorns?


  3. Kala Says:

    Why is OBAMA of all people get to have pics of him with unicorns? They’re NOT for him!!!!!!!!!!! He should have something like a rat or something…..

  4. Nonna Jiabiz Says:

    Are you effing kidding me?? I have never seen such a ridiculous piece of shit as this!! GAY!!

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