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Vision – Stained Glass Mosaic

Michael Love sends in these great images from a hand crafted stained glass mosaic that we can only assume was made by him. Anyone have more information? Michael? Update: “41 hours and over 3000 pieces of Glass together with labor and Love went into this piece inspired by the 44th President of The United States Barack Obama.”

Picture 014.jpg (641 KB)

More Images

Picture 014.jpg


More from Michael Love

“I ‘m from Southfield Michigan. I was inspired by one of the speeches President Obama made and began the piece. 41 hours and 3000 pieces of glass later my piece was complete. It didn’t even get a bid on E-bay. After a showing Southfields local newspaper did an article on me and the piece. It was read by a friend of Michelle Obama and shes seen a picture of¬†it and we are waiting for confirmation on when to deliver it to the White House. Thank you for its consideration¬† Michael Love”

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