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Snobama – Giant Snow Billboard

Spotted in phatcityslash’s photostream, this was one giant president’s day tribute: happy america snow stomping on loveland pass in colorado – took 3 of us 7 hours to complete. next time bring sunscreen… billboards in the snow”


I dig the attention to detail. Note this single path used to get in/out.

3 Responses to “Snobama – Giant Snow Billboard”

  1. suzanne Says:

    NICE WORK. i use to make more primitive snow writing on the capitol grounds when i lived there, back when Clinton was president.

  2. suzie Says:

    I know the people who did this!!! I they are friends of mine

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Cool, what was the one they did today supposed to be? It had a bird, a lizard, and elephant and a whale. But what was in the middle?
    Got any pictures of it none of mine came out.

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