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From There to Here, Portrait of our President with Irises

Here is some fine art sent in by Elizabeth Fox: “The portrait shows a head-on image of America’s first African American President. My intent was to incorporate more charm and personal tenderness in his likeness than can be seen in other portraits. Irises in the background surround his head like a crown. Historically, irises symbolize faith, valor, and wisdom.” Learn more and see the full work inside.

Obama-Elizabeth_Fox.jpg (123 KB)

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In addition to what they symbolize about the President, the irises are personal to me because they represent New Orleans, a city where I lived for 18 years, and a city that has given so much to me.

The poster is printed on quality paper with a satin sheen and will be mailed in a cardboard mailing tube. It can be signed upon request by me at no additional cost. The original painting will be part of my upcoming show at the Nauhaus Gallery in Houston.

  • 20″ x 24″ – $20.00
  • The wording on the bottom of the poster:
    Faith Valor Wisdom
    January 20, 2009
  • In small lettering at the very bottom:
    “From There to Here, Portrait of our President with Irises” by Elizabeth Fox

2 Responses to “From There to Here, Portrait of our President with Irises”

  1. suzanne Says:

    Beautiful Piece. I would love to make a bag from your image. contact me…sewwhatstudio

  2. emily rich Says:

    Elizabeth, I think your poster of Obama is the best piece on this whole site. It really shows a tender
    elegant side of him and dfinately feels like New Orleans or maybe Charleston where I spent much time.
    another artist, I have not tried this
    yet but I am very inspired to do a painting myself. Good luck selling this I think it is beautiful e.

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