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Spotted on Craigslist

Most of the art featured here is submitted directly by the artists themselves. However, we also scour Ebay, Flickr and the rest of the internet to bring you the best possible range of Obama work available. Today we feature a work of fine art that was available on Craigslist of all places! More inside…

Original Ad

From the Ventura list:

” I have an original Obama pencil drawing for sale. It is 8×12 and framed into a floating frame, black. Or you buy a print ….”

More about the artist

Ariane Urwick – Fine Artist, Ventura, CA

“I started painting couple years ago. I had an art teacher while make-up-school in Germany who taught us how to draw faces and masks and I had really trouble doing that. Since I am in the US (2006) I started painting with acrylics, just experimenting. Got a couple books about acrylics and how to draw and all that stuff and kept going. I have the time now, beeing a stay at home mom. When ever Savannah is asleep I try to paint….”

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