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Very nice… is that even Obama?

Roberto sent is the following image with only this short description: “Here we see some graffiti in my hometown. It shows Obama toasting, while Palin is defeated.”

But, but, but…

This is a really nice stencil, but can we even be sure that it is meant to represent Obama and Palin? I tracked down the original to this blog entry written in spanish: “I found the above while enjoying the fresh air during the weekend, there in the corner of North 1 West with 12 in the town of ViƱa del Mar.”

What do you think?

7 Responses to “Very nice… is that even Obama?”

  1. geomar Says:

    how the fuck does that even resemble obama? and for that matter sarah palin? whoever put this is obviously mentally ill. and if this is so pro obama, why would there be a winding key in his back as well. so, no this isnt obama, but you can be free to do whatever you like. were on our way to happiness via a nationalized healthcare system that will diagnose health and happiness for all. psh

  2. Sonny Says:

    This stencil was created by banksy who is a very popular graffiti artist and it’s deff not obama and palin

  3. geomar is my hero Says:

    enough said…

  4. Stenciler Says:

    This is not banksy work really it’s a good looking stencil but to say its oBAMA? Whoever created this did not intend it to be political. Maybe sexist or somthing. FUCK OBAMA AKA.KING BAMA 33rd Massonist

  5. Gimbal Says:

    Why, that’s a “Welcome to the machine” couple – and I think her spring has run down. He appears to be suitably wound, though. Cheers.

  6. no name Says:

    I’ve seen this one in Quilmes (Buenos Aires), too. Its not Obama, but its definitely awesome…

  7. ryan Says:

    Ummmm… that is definitely Banksy. He has a whole group of art that was themed like this. There is even an album for a blur cover for this same group of stencils.

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