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Send Us Your Art

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send in the artwork and photographs featured on this site. So far, we have posted almost 250 Obama related works! However, there are sill over 300 submissions in the queue waiting to be posted. To expedite the process, we have created a new form where you can upload new images to get them posted ASAP. Read how inside…


formHow To Submit:

  1. If you have already sent work to – there is no need to re-submit. Your art is already scheduled to be posted.
  2. New submission can be created by using the brand new Send Us Your Art form.

Tips to Using the Form

What to submit:

We are interested in original graphics, graffiti and art that was inspired by Barack Obama.

  • Do send paintings, drawings, music, etc that you created.
  • Do send photos of posters and graffiti that you spot.
  • Do send links to original art that you like on the web.
  • DO NOT send links to a t-shirt you are selling with someone else’s work on it!
  • DO NOT spam us with the same submission multiple times (you will be blocked).

About You:

We want to give you credit – even if you are not the artist. Please supply your name, email and website.

About the Art:

Tell us about the art. We will include the important details, but reserve the right to summarize in the final post.

  • If you created it: What inspired you? How was it made? How big is it?
  • If you found it: Where did you find it? Why do you like it?

Uploading Files:

All submission of visual art should have at least 1 photo uploaded. Music and other art can instead be sent to

  • Images should be large enough to show detail. At least over 550 pixles wide.
  • Credit needs to be given if you did not take the photo.
  • Allowed formats include .png .jpg .gif

5 Responses to “Send Us Your Art”

  1. 7 Ways To Ensure Your Artwork Is Print Ready | UNIQEZ Says:

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  2. serr8d Says:

    Sure! Here’s one..

    Or, this older adaptation..


  3. Barbar Says:

    That first one is kind of funny, if at least well done…

    The second is just stupid and insulting. Can’t believe the moderators let it through!

  4. arun Says:


  5. randy wike Says:

    unable to print form/please email a copy i would like to display several of my pcs/not very good with computers but i am a good wood craftman ha ha

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