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Color Me In

People, here is the deal: We love when you send us art, but we need some information included with each submission! Here is an example: Sam Holmes sent in the wonderful piece below. You will agree that it is worth posting. However … (rant continued inside)

color-in-meWhere was I?

Oh yeah…

Sam Holmes sent in the wonderful piece below. You will agree that it is worth posting. However, there was no info supplied at all – just the image and some cotact info. Sorry Sam, but I don’t really have the time make contact and hunt down all the details. So your art is going up sans-information… If you see this feel free to supply info in the commnets.

And for everyone else

Please, please, please keep sending work to Just make sure to do the following:

  1. Send hi-resolution (non-blurry) images of your great work.
  2. Provide us with some information about you, the art and/or your inspiration.

The Art of Obama Team!

2 Responses to “Color Me In”

  1. esgee Says:

    why can’t you put up their contact info., or better yet, a link to them directly? these people are sending in images to make your website work, and you get all huffy? the easier thing would be to link to them anyway, and you’d be giving them potentially more business with their other art. share and share alike dudes.
    i landed on this post because of someone else’s piece of art that was shown, not because of your ‘awesome’ commentary,

  2. admin Says:

    Please try reading my ‘awesome’ commentary again.

    I want to give as much credit as possible – that was my point. If you send in art, please include your name, information and a link!

    What did you think that I meant?

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