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The New American Gothic

It was bound to happen, since portraits of of Obama have been created in almost every other style. I am surprised that it took this long, but at least it was done well. Below we have ‘Obama Gothic’ by Frank Harris. Harris is an accomplished painter. Jump inside to see other Barack inspired works from his portfolio.



Other works of Obama:


2 Responses to “The New American Gothic”

  1. Obama by design « love and bandwidth Says:

    […]  *Illustration: Obama Gothic by Frank Harris [via. Art of Obama] […]

  2. robert Says:

    well Mr.obama its been a a long time i wanted to talk to you for a long time well umm my parents are divorced and i moved back with my mother cause my father wouldnt stop hitting me and now me and him don’t have a relationship anymore so i just wanted to let you know whats going on so yea thats all bye?

    sincerely: robert lee’aundre golden

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