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Art of Aging

An interesting little bit of photoshop was recently featured on CNN (via BoingBoing, via IssTumBul): “Presidential aging photos – Boing Boing. “The president ages twice as fast while in office, according to a theory advanced by Dr. Michael Roizen, a chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic.”


How did they do this

This is interesting and all, it is only an artistic representation. The truth was found on PopPhoto:

“Aging takes time, even when you make it happen artificially with software. Each candidate took about four hours of retouching. To mimic the ravages of time, we did the following:

  • Used the Burn and Dodge tools to deepen wrinkles and paint in age spots.
  • Cloned the eyebrows and moved them lower.
  • Used the Liquify filter to hollow out cheeks, make jowls, thin out lips, and enlarge ears and noses.
  • For Clinton and Obama, brought in forehead wrinkles from separate photos and used the Match Color tool to blend them in.
  • For Obama, painted in gray hair on top of his current hair; for Clinton, desaturated with the Sponge tool to make her grayer.”

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