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Narwhals for Obama

Now for something completely different! OK, maybe not that different. First spotted on the City Cyclops blog: “Conceived of by the daring Sidra Durst, it’s President hopeful Barack Obama riding a narwhal. What can’t this man do? ”


What can’t this man do?

A very good question

13 Responses to “Narwhals for Obama”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    He cant do a girl and he cant fix america

  2. Brah Says:

    Narwhals, Fuck yeah!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    obviously he can do a girl, because he has a wife and kids…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    He can eat shit! Anyone who can’t see that he is a mindless immoral puppet is a FUCKING MORON!!!!! This picture is pointless and it is stupid things like this that liberals look like immature children that have no meaningful perception of reality. Fuck you all for runing my country!!!Have a nice day;)

  5. Anonymousss Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I agree with the first and fourth post, those damn liberals and their narwhal friends, they are ruining this country. They don’t even realize that they are being controlled by the narwhales. Wake up and hunt the narwals to extinction.

  7. Georgia May Says:

    First of all. George W.Bush(the true Moron :P) got us in this hole that we are in. Not Barack Obama. So stop hating because he is doing the best he can. And for all of the republicans!.. not working with him just to not is not leading the country. We need to set aside our differences and try to help ourselves before we embarass ourselves in a global view.

  8. Gina B Says:

    I would recommend narwhal horns up the butt.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    NARWHAL! The narwhal would probably do a better running our country then that mythical creature abroad it that is full of lies.

  10. JAGS Says:

    I love narwhals, but not Obama on them.
    And Georgia May, you are clearly an ignorant moron. Think about things before you point your finger.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    George W. Bush wasn’t the moron that ruined our country, it was the democratic congress that fucked us over. And don’t fuckin assume that all republicans are a certain way u ignorant asshole.

  12. Demarcus Says:

    well i tink obana is dun a fin job. he got me money fo ben poor. i gots a nice cars now with 4 doors!

  13. Jurgen Says:


    Anyone can drive a Narwhal!
    Ubuntu’s releasing Natty Narwhal in April – it’s so easy (even) Obama can ride the internet on it. :)

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