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This handmade, painted sign for a bake sale has been sitting in our archives for a while. We were hoping to find more information about it before posting, but it is just too cute to wait any longer.

The original photo

The image above was actually cut/resized from the full photo that you see below. That version was found Adam Lisagor’s blog lonely sandwich. Anyone know where it came from?

One Response to “Yum”

  1. Luke Massman-Johnson Says:

    Hi. I painted that sign in ’08 as part of our huge neighborhood Obama Bake Sale for the Swing States campaign. It’s obviously a riff on Shepard Fairey’s iconic image — and I contacted him for permission to tweak it. The sign helped raise $7,500 that day, and my signage around the neighborhood spurred 4 other bake sales in following weeks which raised a total of $35,000!

    Here’s a clip of me painting the sign >

    Sadly, the sign was stolen the night after the bake sale. Lame.

    UPDATE 2012: we just had our Reelect Obama Bake Sale, raising another $5,200 in our driveway in 5 hours. Pretty good!

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