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Robama vs Mechcain

It is a really good thing that we decided to keep this thing running. The quality and diversity of the work just keeps increasing. For instance, on Nov 4th, Eugene Wu decided to send this in: “I visit your site a lot and I drew a small poster for the election last night.  I hope you guys like it.” Come inside to see all the detail!


Or, just click here to download it in all it’s glory!

2 Responses to “Robama vs Mechcain”

  1. 5JimBob Says:

    A political vision reduced to the intellectual level of a Saturday morning cartoon show.

    Reductio ad absurdum

  2. Daddy-O Says:


    Sad to say, but Saturday morning cartoon mentalities play better than serious political thought these days.

    Change! Hope! Change! Hope! Change! Hope! Change! Hope!…

    …Just close your eyes, keep your fingers in your ears, and repeat it over and over.

    Eventually, you too will believe.

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