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Color Blind

One more great poster from DesignForObama. Color Blind by dumbrobot: “based on the Ishihara tests for colorblindness. if even you’re not colorblind, there’s still hope.” No matter what happens, the Obama logo will remain a magnificent example of graphic design.


Download the poster from DesignForObama.

7 Responses to “Color Blind”

  1. Me Says:

    Isn’t this poster actually promoting anything but colour blindness? If it isn’t about his race then why mention race at all? Also…he is 50% white, and not 50% black with some arab blood. Also, if not voting for Obama makes you racist, doesn’t not casting a ballot for McCain/Palin make you sexist and racist, as well as age discriminatory? Since he is a senior citizen and she is a women who are both white? Racism goes both ways…

  2. Me Says:

    Also, you take the “colour blindness test” on the false a priori that the only reason not to vote for Obama is that he is black. That’s false, some people may actually disagree with his positions. It would be so nice to see some intellectual honesty from this particular community.

  3. Kate C Says:


    Spoken like a true racist.

  4. Chris Says:

    Sorry Kate, I voted for Obama, but Me’s points are valid.

  5. Color Chart Blog » Blog Archive » More about color Says:

    […] Color Blind […]

  6. alex Says:

    i think obama will be a great president and he can make a change in the world

  7. Dani Says:

    How do you like obama now? So not voting for him was racist because he’s “black” but not voting for McCain is alright because he’s white? That’s racist towards WHITE people. Racism goes both ways. And it’s not just because your “black”

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