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I Second That (Lawn)

Just hours after posting about the huge lawn painting in Pennsylvania, Hillary Levine sends us these: “ We had one of our sign ‘removed’, and after hearing of another supporter painting her lawn, realized we had to make a statement. We’re in Deerfield Illinois and the  painting is about 15 feet square.” There are more photos after the jump.


” We started with a large nail in the middle of the lawn with string attached (like 3rd grade) and made the initial circle.  From there on, the rest was free-hand. It is incredible to watch the reaction of joggers, bicyclists, and drivers as they pass by.  Some honk, some give the thumbs-up, while others just (politely) pass by.”

3 Responses to “I Second That (Lawn)”

  1. Judy Ferguson Says:

    Right on Bob and Hillary
    Barock the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John Marks Says:

    Way to go Bob & Hillary!

  3. becca Says:

    hahaha amellia

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