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Huge Lawn Painting

In the rural town of Shickshinny, Pennsylvania there exists a field of hope. Together with 13 volunteers, Hilary Ross and her husband Jim Lennox built a giant version of the classic Shepard Fairey image. The painting took 60 hours to complete. Updated 11-02. Origanally spotted in a35mmlife’s photostream.

Thanks Field Painter!

Visit to learn more about how they created it.


4 Responses to “Huge Lawn Painting”

  1. Field Painter Says:

    Hi, this painting is at our house in Shickshinny, PA. Our blog has more information and links to more pictures.

    There is an AP aerial image, on MSNBC

    Also Phil McAuliffe from Polaris Images just shot and released 14 new aerial images.

    I can send you some more pictures if you would like. Go Obama!

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you Field Painter! This is really great.

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    […] The field painters sent in a new piece: “Wings of Hope” Jim Lennox, Shickshinny, PA Painted Steel and Wood Mechanical Obama Hope Sculpture. It combines the classic Shepard Fairey’s campaign poster with a hand-built mechanics to make the wings actually flap. […]

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