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Bob Foxx – TheNewMajority

Jason Schwartz writes in: “just came across your blog, great stuff. An artist of ours, Bob Foxx, released a track last that week that features vocals from Obama.  Thought I would pass the album art and track onto you. Its all creative commons licensed so feel free to distribute as you see fit.  Keep up the good work.” Thank Jason! Readers can download the track here. More about Bob Foxx after the jump.

From Bob Foxx

I’m a young American that believes that anything is possible.  Because that’s what we Americans believe….

And so… I believe people’s perceptions can change, people’s behaviors can change… and music can be an immense catalytic force in this process

I don’t agree with a lot of US politics.  I  don’t agree with many of its citizens.  But, I do want to be proud of where I’m from.

To that end, during the course of this year’s monumental Presidential Election, I began to ask my self: “What can I do?”

I could hand out flyers… or make phone calls.

But, that’s not what I’m good at.

A very wise person once told me: “Go with what you know.”

I write Techno beats.

So, I wrote a Techno beat.

My main aim with this track was not to preach.  I tried to make it accessible and capture the urgency, emotion and the energy of the very important decision that faces all Americans on 11/4/08.  But, most importantly, I wanted to capture the positive spirit that can be the only guiding force to lead America through this bleak time.

This track highlights the positive and hopeful nature of Barack Obama’s sentiments and campaign which I truly think are the best way to the change we all need and deserve.

I hope you’ll download it and pass it on to everyone you know.  If 1 mind can be opened… 1 spark of hope ignited… 1 more person motivated to raise their voice.  Then this will certainly be worth everyone’s simplest of efforts.

Bob Foxx

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