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Frank Korb – Open Canvas

Frank Korb shows off a piece of temporary art that he painted during an open canvas night: “The idea behind the “Open Canvas” night at the Art Bar is that an artist paints an image on Sunday, the painting hangs for a week and the next week it gets painted over. The Art Bar is locates at 722 East Burliegh St. in Milwaukee, WI and will be hanging until Sunday, October 26 when it will be painted over. Abby said he doesn’t look like this, but I hope the idea is there for you all.”

Well, Abby didn’t pull any punches

So neither will we – it is admittadly not the most accurate portrait that we have ever seen, but the message comes through strong. Thanks for sharing your great work!

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  1. My Domain Says:

    Joe here… that’s great!

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