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Another great work spotted on Flickr. This time in ZachMcDonald’s photostream. The caption for this one starts: “Where are we all headed? Whom will be at he helm? Should I bring beer or band-aids? Both? Who knows…”

Zach continues…

“In February, when I was approached by someone from the Obama campaign to do live painting at a political rally, I was happy to help. It was rained out, but I did it anyways.

Oh Hillary, you tenacious wild cat of political fury, have long have we known one another? And McCain with all of the personal hardships you’ve been throughonly to become a mere party man instead of an individual.
Speaking of Republican Individuals, Ron Paul, my man, if only you kept all those crazy ideas on the back burner, instead using them as your strategy, either way, I feel you. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope this one won’t be fixed…”

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