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Superman Obama

Spotted in singthiscorrosion’s photostream. These posters remind us of a previous post, but are done in a completely different style. There was no shortage of photos on Flickr, yet no one seemed to know who the artist is.

As always

If you know who the artist is, please drop us a line so that we can give the proper credit.

16 Responses to “Superman Obama”

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  2. //ajr Says:

    I do not know for a fact, but based on the Hitchcock painting and the female painting… It’s Mr. Brainwash (Banksy).

  3. Van Elk Online » Blog Archief » Obama-kunst Says:

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  4. baba Says:

    It’s Mr Brainwash. He’s based in Los Angeles.

  5. Batobama and Robiden | The Art of Obama Says:

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  6. Sam J Says:

    I walked by this tonight and also want to know who the artist is! Whoever it is, make a poster-version!

  7. piratec Says:

    Yes it is Mr Brainwash.
    And I am the one who took this picture.
    singthiscorrosion’s picture is different than this one.
    Thanks to credit the real author of this picture.
    You can see the new series I took yesterday in Miami from Obey Giant.

  8. admin Says:

    Are you claiming to have taken the original photo? Even though the one you link to is clearly different? Even though I posted this page a month before your photo was even taken?

    shame on you.

  9. piratec Says:

    My mistake then.
    Shame on me!

  10. admin Says:

    No harm done – cheers!

  11. Sskaggs2003 Says:

    The superman obama poster is by a guy who calls himself mr brainwash. He has his own web page.

  12. Michael White Says:


    The little boy awkward and shy
    Had a question in his eyes
    To him the world was so simple
    Yet so hard to comprehend
    Alas he asked in quiet tones
    The meaning of a mystery
    Sir, he said, can you explain
    Why superman is not like me?

    Jesse Owens was the fastest man
    Back then, I hear its now Carl Lewis
    Sir, what is the colour of the skin
    Of these two super men?
    I hear Joe Louis was the strongest of all
    And Cassius Clay some say,
    Sir, what is the colour of the skin
    Of these two super men?
    The only men I knew to fly
    Seems almost to the sky
    Were Michael Jordan and his friend
    Kareem Abdul Jabar
    Sir, what is the colour of the skin
    Of these two super men?
    And I could go on to relate
    The exploits of so many
    Fast running, hitting, men that fly
    Long jumping men, men jumping high
    That look so much like me
    So what’s the reason, pray, kind Sir,
    Superman’s so unlike me?
    The old man looked sadly
    Down at him in deep commiseration
    What was the meaning of the riddle
    That as a child he’d pondered?
    Come son I’ll tell you
    What I think, though
    A philosopher I’m not
    But patient years and
    Great remorse
    Have brought me some conclusions.

    Superman is in the mind,
    A thing of fantasy,
    And in the world of fantasy
    Reality is lost, and so both you and I
    My son, can create what e’re we want
    In the imagination
    With which all minds are blessed.
    But here’s my advice to you,
    Young son, when inspiration comes
    Use it as a precious gift
    Without ever being rude,
    Not to show that you are better,
    Or less, than any other
    But just to share the simple truth
    That you are just as good.

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  14. vannessa macaire Says:

    pls view pictures

  15. Cruzebabouze Says:

    I have one of this print, it is done by Mr. Brainwash Frenchman living in L.A.

  16. Back in Los Angeles « light rain 雨光影视 Says:

    […] a monstrous flower. shadows on lace curtains. a store window in santa monica. yellow stucco. obama as […]

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