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Design/ers for Obama

If I counted correctly, this will be our 100th post. When we started this blog, it was with one simple idea: “as art lovers, what can we do to support the Obama campaign?” Well here we are, months closer to the election and hopefully we have inspired some of our readers.

To celebrate, we present a new site that was apparently formed from a similar goal: Design/ers for Obama was created when Design Observer essentially asked the question, “how can graphic designers best support Barack Obama?”

More about the site

“Many artists including Shepard Fairey have already proven that poster art is not a dead medium in the United States and have also shown how much of an impact a single poster can have. It is in this spirit Design/ers for Obama was created… Design/ers for Obama is a community for Obama supporters, whether visually inclined or not, to aggregate and rate Obama poster art that is available for download in a variety of sizes that can be easily printed by any and everyone. At such a turbulent (yet exciting) time in our nation’s history, collaboration has never been more important.”

On the site you can upload, search and score a growing collection of Obama posters. Seems like a great resource for people who like the Art of Obama. You can bet that you will be seeing some of the posters featured here.

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