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Just received this message from an artist named Lichiban that we are happy to post: “I’m a Brooklyn-based visual artist from Hungary, and have been very much involved in supporting the Obama movement over here in BK through means that I could. I’m not a citizen so I can’t vote but I’ve been doing various fundraisers and Obama artwork to further the cause.”

The above photo was on Lichiban’s blogspot page with the following attribution: “Here are some of the photos from the super fun Obama fundraiser I was booked to do live painting on August 9th. Big shout out to Texas aka That Kid Texas, the female team member of the NEW POP crew. She is dope as hell, so make sure to check her photography on her page.”

More from Lichiban

“I have two Obama pieces myself, you can check them on my myspace page and is also on my blog. Thank you and keep up the great work!! peace & love, Lichiban”

By popular request

The other piece:

One Response to “Lichiban”

  1. Marky Says:

    ““I have two Obama pieces myself”

    Where is the other one???

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