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More Manifest Hope – Julie Adler

Thousands of works were submitted to Manifest Hope. Over the past week, we have featured the finalists and winning entries. Unfortunatly, there was lots of great art at the show that didn’t get the same press. Recently, we were contacted by one of the artists who’s work was curated, but not in the contest:

Exhibited as part of the Manifest Hope show in Denver. By Julie Adler from Los Angeles, CA: Oil on canvas. Size 24″ x 24″.  “I am offering to sell the painting and have a substantial portion of the sale go to the Obama campaign.” Julie Adler is a multi-media artist, and in addition to painting, works in performance and music. More about this painting inside.

From Julie Adler

“Evolutionary Media Group, the company who produced the Manifest Hope show was looking for contemporary art works related to the spirit of what Barack Obama represents for this country and so I thought I would create a portrait of him to capture the incredible momentum he has gathered; I’ve been focusing lately on mastering traditional techniques for portraiture that I am applying in other original works I’m developing in the studio.

As I added the layers of oil paint the expression on Obama’s face seemed to come to life…the intensity of his expression popping off the canvas. Once the portrait was done and when I was watching the painting being packaged up and being shipped out, I really felt this powerful sense of connection and contribution.  It’s an unusual feeling to be participating in something that gathers together so many different creative voices to express a common set of themes.

I felt the challenge of the show’s mission on a personal level and made the decision to participate because I think it could make a difference on a collective level. Like so many others, I really hope we as a society make the conscious decision to change, to turn away from violence, plunder, excess, negligence and oppression.   I’ve always struggled with the question of whether art can really make a difference in the world, and through my involvement with this unusual show – with such wonderful artists, at this particular time in history – it has affirmed for me that this is possible.  I’m truly moved by the experience and I’m grateful for being invited to participate.”

For more about her work, check out

A word to other artists

If your work was also curated at (or even just submitted to) Manifest hope, we would love to post it on the Art of Obama. Just send us some images and include a description of the work. Also let us know a bit about your insperation.

We can’t promise that everything gets posted, but we will do our best!

2 Responses to “More Manifest Hope – Julie Adler”

  1. David Scharff Says:

    I’m confused….the website you list and the copy from the artist spell her last name ADLER and your headline and url spell it ALDER…don’t you think they should correspond?

  2. admin Says:

    You are correct it should read ADLER (stupid spell check got the best of me). We have updated the page.

    Thanks David and sorry Julie…

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