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From Lego Bricks

Spotted on Ebay:”You are bidding on a very rare custom made portrait of Barack Obama as portrayed by contemporary artist and Obama supporter Shepard Fairey. A portion of the proceeds from this auction will go towards the Barack Obama / Joe Biden 2008 Presidential Campaign. Please read the entire description for details about the donation.  The portrait is made completely of Lego bricks. The cost of Lego bricks is not cheap. The reserve is set at $600. The cost of the bricks alone was about $130.”

About the artist:

The following information was supplied about the seller/artist “legoman28”. Before bidding, you may want to note that  despite the use of his name and image, legoman28 is not Shepard Fairey’s alter ego (as far as we know)…

  • I’m a huge fan of Legos.
  • I’ve been selling Lego toys on eBay for years.
  • I enjoy art.
  • I don’t want John McCain to be President.
  • Please see my feedback. I am a trusted seller of Lego toys and have been successful selling toys.
  • I want to do something good for my country. I am an immigrant. The United States is my country. I owe Her more than dollars can express.
  • I donate blood every two months for a study to help develop a vaccine to the bacterium Meningococcus sp.
  • I do commissions. I can turn any close up photo of a person into a portrait. Please contact me for further information. I am more than happy to donate proceeds from commissions to the Barack Obama campaign.
  • I have more Lego bricks than I know what to do with. Please help me get rid of them by ordering commissions.

4 Responses to “From Lego Bricks”

  1. Margie Says:

    do you know where i can donate used lego i have lots of sports and star wars items. love your Obama art. Very creative

  2. Head over here for some Art of Obama | Free Article Database!- Free Updating! Says:

    […] from around the world since July 2008. The site points to some memorable Obama art – a rare customized portrait of Obama made from Lego bricks, a remarkable illustration of all the 44 presidents, the acceptance […]

  3. tINA Says:

    Eu aceito diação de blocos de lego. Tenho 2 filhos que são paixonados pelo brinquedo, mas não tem nenhum…Me ajudem por favor…
    Conto com a generosidade de voces.


  4. Laticia Says:

    People nolmlary pay me for this and you are giving it away!

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