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We Believe by Andre Harris

Over the past few months we have been encouraging you to send in your art. The other day we received the following: “Greetings Obama Team, Can you help me get this painting to the Obama campaign? I am an artist trying to donate my talent to the campaign to help raise money. I really would like to become part of the ARTIST FOR OBAMA team. I created this painting for that purpose. Thanks, Andre Harris”


Well Andre we think your art is great. This is a very powerful image that you have created. Unfortunatly, we at the ‘Art of Obama’ have no official connection to the campaign – we are simply art lovers, who want to share all the great work that is being inspired by Barack Obama.

If this were last month, we would have encouraged you to submit this to the Manifest Hope Gallery show.

We also took some time to search the official website. Unfortunatly, they don’t supply much information about donating art/talent. I suppose that you could alway auction the piece and simply donated the money – but that almost seems like a waste – it would be better to see this on phone polls and billboards around the nation.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

Here is an update:

From Andre: “After meeting with a local campaign organizer (GA), I created an online store and if anyone is interested in the print here is the link: CafePress. The campaign organizer loved it and it is now hanging on the campaign door :)”

6 Responses to “We Believe by Andre Harris”

  1. Doc Spender Says:

    Brilliant, beautiful work. All of it.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. gina smith Says:

    This is an incredibly moving piece of art. It truly conveys Obama the man. What a wonderful tribute. Your picture shows vision and strength of a man who is committed to this country. Thank you.
    gina smith

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