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Finalist in the Manifest Hope Gallery show. By Tom Bob from New York, NY: “The painting measures 3’ x 4’, matte acrylic on canvas. By connecting graphic images and symbols, I set out to create a painting that represents the totality of Barack Obama. Thus, a road map emerges that takes you on this journey. I started with Obama’s name that is central and prominent in the painting. It touches all aspects of his vision and ideas: hope, change, unity, country, peace, justice, love freedom, equality, etc. These are woven together to create a singular image. This painting is democratic in its concept – everyone is welcome to the party. A harmonious balance of colors and shapes create a composition, allowing entry and exit from any point in the painting. My hope is that the viewer’s eye shifts between geometric abstraction and the recognizable images that make up this kaleidoscopic portrait of Obama.” Auctioned for $1,475.00

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