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Hope and Butterflies

From b0’s photostream – this is a hope poster unlike any that we have seen. It is bright, clean and gets the positive message across without overdoing it. OK, maybe the logo/wings are a bit much… Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the artist, or where to pick up a copy of your own. Update: The artist has been found. This was created by Amy Martin. More photos can be found on her blog.

As always…

Contact us if you know mare about this art work. Orr, just leave a message below.

6 Responses to “Hope and Butterflies”

  1. vanessa Says:

    I actually just found your entry, because I have a copy of that poster, and I’m trying to figure out who the artist is. A friend picked it up at the DNC, but doesn’t know anything about it. Let me know if you find out.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for writing and at least letting us know where you got yours. Shame that it was not signed :)


  3. admin Says:

    @Venessa (and everyone),
    Looks like we finally tracked down the artist: Amy Martin. I updated this post, but you also might want to also check out a draft of the poster, or some of her other amazing work (I actually have several of her 826LA posters hanging in my house right now).

  4. Pat Says:

    I have this poster, unsigned.
    Anyone know what the $ value might be?
    Thanks, Pat Rustro

  5. Pat Says:

    I have an unsigned hope butterfly poster.
    Anyone know what the $ dollar value might be?
    Thanks, Pat Rustro

  6. Dan Gore Says:

    I have 5 signed posters and 2 a/p’s signed by Amy Martin.

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