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Severed head – nobody scores

Speaking of morbid Obama art… the web comic “Nobody Scores” has been running a series staring severed Obama heads. Yes, multiple heads. The comic is actually quite hilarious, though slightly disturbing. You may want to start by reading the first in the series. Update: Brandon Bolt (the author Nobody Scores) writes in.

More about Nobody Scores

I won’t even try to explain it. Just go and start reading from the beginning.

Update 2008-08-27

We just got a great message from the Brandon Bolt, the author Nobody Scores:

“notices your noticing…and also would like to direct your attention to an earlier, less disturbing, less fatal Barack Obama appearance if you’ve not seen it. Yes, I speak of Barack Obama Overdrive. I totally called it. A few months after Matt Taibbi called it, true, but there’s no shame in that. – Brandon Bolt”

Sure enough, Obama first made a guest appearance in the comic way back in April of 2007. Great work Brandon!

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