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Gives you wings

Sue Salinger over at ballotvox spotted the following: “Even if you’re an Obamamaniac, the angel wings in this photo may seem a little over the top — but the graffiti is on an old sewage drain, so maybe that balances things out. However you read it, it’s a great picture, no?”

More on the location

Jeffrey Tayler notes that:

The shot is from a beach in Pacifica, the locals call Linda Mar. The Google map calls the beach Pacific State Beach.

One Response to “Gives you wings”

  1. For his birthday - Olga Kuczer | The Art of Obama Says:

    […] Another reader submission. This one is from Olga Kuczer, a professional artist originally from Orenburg, Russia. She made these for his birthday (August 4th). Well, happy belated 47th birthday Barack! And thank you Olga for sending these in. There are some single color versions below that would be great as stickers, or as a basis for some stencil art. […]

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