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Speaking of tags

Here are two examples of custom license plates that supporters have been purchasing to show support. The first is from Bill Slater and the second was spotted on Michael Wasserman’s blog. Some quotes from the proud owners inside. Update: Mike just sent us a new one from Florida. Send in your photos.


Catch the fever!!
Photo by Mike Jacobs in Florida

2 Responses to “Speaking of tags”

  1. William F. Slater, III Says:

    The Chicago Sun-Times ran an article about OBAMA plates on December 8, 2008. You may want to visit this link:,CST-NWS-watchdog08.article

  2. William F Slater III Says:

    Some of your readers may enjoy the MSNBC TV Video at this link.

    And also the MP3 file of the Chicago WIND AM 560 Radio interview located in this folder.

    Other links that carry the OBAMA Plate story.

    (By the way – at bothe MSNBC and WIND 560 AM, they sought me out for this story. I don’t have the time,
    money, patience, or influence to create this kind of publicity… Think
    Forrest Gump…)

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