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Obama + Lincoln

Where Barry Blitt used his art to compare Obama to a terrorist, Ron English has used his to make a more positive comparison. The image should speak for itself – there is also more information about the art and artist inside.

Ron English

A contemporary pop artist who mainly explores advertising, English has been liberating commercial billboards with his own messages for decades. His website popaganda includes details about his paintings,  billboards and music

Abraham Obama

From Ten Questions with Ron English at The Obama Art Report:

“I wanted to create a dialog, and I thought these two images together would do that. There are so many things people can read into it, they don’t need me to explain it… I made an oil painting, then digitally photographed the painting. Then I sent it to a designer to crop and color-correct, then sent that to upper playground. They separated it into I think about 7 screens, and then produced an edition of 200 prints.”

One Response to “Obama + Lincoln”

  1. Stephen R Says:

    Lincoln was a Republican.

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